Above the accident


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I used to wonder if there was anything after we died? Whether or not angels and Jesus were real? And if they were, were they interested in, and could they communicate with us? Did we have a purpose or were we just wandering around on this earth aimlessly?

I don’t wonder anymore—I know. And that little bit of knowledge changes everything.

I died in a car accident and that resulted in having a conversation with Jesus, Archangel Uriel, and a third spiritual presence I call Farronell. I made up the name Farronell myself. It’s designed to give absolutely no clues to the identity of the third presence—and I’m not telling.

They accepted me as an equal in their presence and showed me my life. It was like watching a movie with me as the main character. I’m not talking about being shown my life up to that point, although that was part of it. They showed me my past, my present, and my future. That, along with the connections they showed me between this life and past and future lives, was what made me choose to come back when they gave me that choice.

On returning to my physical body I saw, or was shown, a vision of my lifeline.

At first sight it made complete sense and gave me hope. Then, after some time it connected itself to other visions and expanded it’s meaning. It became a key to understanding other visions. I could even put dates to specific parts of it.

As it was my lifeline, it began on November 8th 1954. The next specific date was the day of the accident that corresponded with where the line went all squiggly. That was July 17 1996. That indicated the beginning of a time of tumultuous confusion for me, and that coincided with writing and publishing Uriel’s Gift.

Therefore the end of that part of my lifeline is the day of publication which was Friday, January 13th 2017. At this point my lifeline indicates that my life goes off in a completely different direction to anything I have previously experienced. It continues in that same direction until my death. That date to be announced much later.

The path ahead is pretty obvious to me now that Uriel’s Gift is published. It boils down to a few simple words from Jesus. “What’s the point of having a story unless you share it?”

So that’s my purpose in life—to share my story. Oh, and to write another book that will include other peoples experiences.

If you’ve had an experience you would like to share I’d love to hear from you.

Leave me a comment below or send me an email via the Contacts page. Alternatively, you can like my Facebook Author page and leave me a message there.

I’m also on Twitter for anyone who wants to tweet!


My Relationship with my Spiritual Guide and Teacher – Jesus


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I want to tell you about my relationship with one of my most beloved spiritual guides, protectors and teachers. But if I write about my relationship with Jesus, if I do that, I know there will be people who will be offended and challenged by what I write and I respect their right to their opinion. All I have to say about that is, what if? What if I’m telling the truth?

What I have to say has nothing to do with what anyone else has written about Jesus. And it doesn’t have anything to do with any particular religious point of view. Although Jesus features in several of these, I am a member of none.

I am not a member of any church or religion. I consider myself to be spiritual, not religious. And that I am of the Faith of the One. This means that we are all part of the same thing. And that thing is existence as a whole, and existence is what we call God. So the One, or God, is everything.

But back to Jesus. My relationship with him is something that has been forged over, at this point, sixty-two years. The last twenty being the most prominent at the moment—with the occasional flash back to earlier years.

Jesus came to me while I was in meditation and I asked him, “Why are you here?”

He answered, “Write your book. All the answers are in it.”

That meant that, if I wanted to understand why He came to me, I had to write Uriel’s Gift.

When he came to me that time, I saw myself as a young boy and I was wearing Jesus’s robe and sandals.  They were way too big for me. I was like a child playing dress up’s in his fathers clothes. He took me by the hand and asked me to walk with him. As we walked I grew to adulthood and soon both the sandals and the robe I was wearing fitted me.

This meant that as I grew to spiritual maturity, I was following in his footsteps—walking in His shoes. It also meant that, as I was shown in a vision that my path was a path into self-awareness, so too was the path Jesus followed in his time. He was showing me that I was doing the same thing that he had done, in a manner of speaking.

At that time he also showed me that everything is connected, and that everything has a soul.

At another time Jesus said to me, “I do not want you to follow me. Nor will I follow you. But I will always be by your side.”

There have been times on this journey when I have stomped my foot and refused to move forward. He never judges, just waits patiently and picks me up when I fall. Then dusts me off and gets me ready for the next round.

He encourages me and guides me but never tells me what to do. There is always the freedom to choose.

In my visions, I’ve seen Him die on the cross—and I’ve seen him playing at Monty Python and slapping me upside the head with a large wet fish when I was afraid of my path. I suppose I should point out that we arranged that together when He told me there would be times I would be afraid to keep going. The funny vision was designed to be so silly I couldn’t help but laugh and get past my fears. There’s nothing quite like seeing a vision of Jesus in his robe and sandals waving a large wet fish about to get me out of a funk.

There have been times when he has allowed me to feel his emotions. How can I explain that?

As humans we say that we feel another’s emotion—but this was me feeling Jesus’ emotions toward me—it’s hard to explain.

Some of the things He has shown me have brought heart rending sobs and copious tears—others have made me laugh so hard I could hardly breathe.

Walking along the street one time I heard someone say, “Just invite Jesus into your life.” I wondered what they would do if He came to them in the same way he comes to me?

After something like that I used to spend a lot of time wondering, why me? So I asked Him and he said, “Because you are in the right place.”

At first I didn’t like that answer at all—then, after some time and thought, I came to a point where it became completely satisfying.

I have felt His touch—heard His voice—been saved from death or serious injury at least eight times—and felt His love for me as a physical force.

He is my friend—my mentor—my guide—and He is looking over my shoulder right now as I write this.

And He’s smiling.

Uriel’s Gift on Kobo now


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This is a quick post to let you know that Uriel’s Gift is available as an e-book on Kobo!

So if you’re a fan of Kobo and support their list of authors you can check out a free preview of Uriel’s Gift on their site now.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.56.42 pm

Edward working to put his book on different e-platforms so that readers can find it. So, over time, we’ll let you know where else you can find it.


Uriel’s Gift – Best Seller on Kindle Australia


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The Sunshine Coast of Australia is being hit with heavy storms right now and that means it’s time to surf the internet and connect with readers before any black outs come our way.

We’re super excited to share that Uriel’s Gift has received a Best Seller banner from Amazon.com.au Kindle Store.

You should have seen Edward’s face light up when he heard about it. His smile and joy were infectious. It was wonderful to see and a pity we weren’t fast enough to snap a photo of him.

He’s still beaming because connecting readers with his story and knowing people are enjoying it is one of the greatest satisfactions an author can have. We took a screen shot of the banner to share with you.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.09.20 am

Uriel’s Gift on Amazon.com.au

Uriel’s Gift is yet to rank on the US Amazon site but we hope, in time, that people will discover this fascinating story and enjoy it too.  Maybe people will be kind enough to leave an honest review to help other readers decide if this book is for them.

For now, Edward is delighted to see that Uriel’s Gift has also hit Number 1 rank in Prophecy and Mysticism on the Australian Amazon.com.au site.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.05.55 amAnd it’s also featuring as one of Australia’s Hot New Releases on the Kindle Store, which is very exciting.

This success is all thanks to each person who has taken a leap of faith, purchased his book and kindly left him a review.

Thank you for supporting Edward and leaving your reviews on his amazon accounts.

You can like or follow Edward Spellman on his Facebook Author page. Or you can sign up for his email list or send him a message via the contact page on this website if you’d like to connect.

If you’re in Australia and going through similar rough weather, our thoughts and prayers are with you to keep safe.  And if you’re in another part of the world, we hope you’re having a great day/night.  Thanks for visiting and we’ll leave you with this quote …



Uriel’s Gift Review


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51eulqm01gl-_sx311_bo1204203200_I found this wonderful book enlightening and inspiring because it revealed experiences of a spiritual nature and the profound inner changes that was brought about by them. It is very well written and deeply honest and intimate. I love the integrity and transparency Edward displayed so well in this book. If anyone is looking for a first hand account of what it’s like to be touched by God, this book is for you! Loved it!”
Anne B.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the people who have supported the launch of Uriel’s Gift.

Edward has been delighted to hear and read your comments, feedback and reviews, especially as he tried to avoid writing this book for years. He admits that freely in Uriel’s Gift.

He wrestled with revealing his deep spiritual relationship with Spirit to the world. He wrestled with being vulnerable and feeling crazy for all the visions that cascaded through his mind day after day. But he loves a puzzle and that’s the kind of journey Uriel’s Gift is. It’s a reflection of the puzzle of a life lived in relationship with the Divine after a pivotal moment of change.

Edward once asked his most beloved guide why he kept encouraging Edward to write his book?

His most beloved guide said to him, “What’s the point of having a story, if you don’t share it?”

And so Edward took a leap of faith and applied himself to writing this book and now it is in your hands to read.  Your comments, your reviews and word-of-mouth sharing of Uriel’s Gift is deeply appreciated.  And we hope that Uriel’s Gift will touch many lives in a positive way as it connects with those who are drawn to it.

Thank you so much!

Near Death Experience with Anita Moorjani


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witifIn February 2006 Anita Moorjani had a near death experience.  She had cancer and her family were told she only had hours left to live. They surrounded her as she went into a coma.

During her time in the coma she had a near death experience. She had Spirit with her and in this TEDx talk, Anita Moorjani talks about her experiences when she died. She felt that she was in a ‘realm of clarity.’

She realised that ‘we are much greater and more powerful than we realise when we’re in our physical body.’  She went on to explain that she felt ‘connected to everyone and we all shared the same consciousness.’

It’s a remarkable story and one that resonates with the experience Edward had when he died during his own car accident on the seventeenth of July 1996.

Both Edward and Anita were given a choice to return to their lives or to stay, and both chose to returned to life.

As Edward experienced, there are layers to our life and lessons to be learned in the moment and with the guidance of Spirit.

Anita’s physical recovery from cancer is remarkable and so is her story. We hope you will enjoy watching this video and considering her experience. It is fascinating.

Edward’s Adventure in Tasmania 2017


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What does a self-published author do after spending 20 years writing a non-fiction book about life after dying and coming back?

Take a well deserved holiday!

Edward chose to take a two week adventure in Tasmania, Australia.


Edward at Battery Point, Hobart

He packed his carry on bag, a couple of copies of Uriel’s Gift, about 20 Uriel’s Gift notebook/business cards with the website inside and a notebook so he could jot down any spiritual visions or experiences while in Tasmania. Then he boarded the plane on the 2nd of March 2017 and flew to Hobart.


When he landed in Hobart and disembarked the first thing he noticed was the lack of humidity. It was cooler and drier than Queensland which felt amazing.

Living in Brisbane is great but when the humidity cranks up, it’s like you have to have a shower the minute you get out of the shower because you’re wet after getting dressed. Clothes stick to you and it’s hard to dry off unless you have air-con. Some people love it, some people don’t mind it, and others hate it.

Humidity has been pretty high in Brisbane lately and so, Edward thoroughly enjoyed a break from the moisture in the air during his two weeks in Tasmania.

Here’s a snapshot of his two weeks and what he thought of each area as he travelled around.


Salamanca Market, Hobart

Edward flew into Hobart and checked out the city before heading off to Port Arthur.  Below are some photos of his time there.

Edward likes old buildings, particularly the stone work and brick work, probably because he used to be a bricklayer, but now he moonlights as a personal carer for the elderly. But he’s never lost his love of old buildings.

Then he drove through the country side and visited many different areas. He loved the clean fresh air and the colour of the sky. You can see how beautiful it was in the photos below. Oh and there’s a photo of a wall of tools from a sawmill he visited in Strahan.  Old tools inspire Edward, so he snapped up a photo.

And then he went to Cradle Mountain and had a look around. We made sure he took some selfies otherwise Edward would have only taken photos of the environment and brick walls since he loves brickwork, rocks and nature. But it’s always more interesting if you can see his smiling face from time to time.

Here he is at Cradle Mountain, sporting a tourist hat and doing his best selfie for us. Good on you Edward.


Edward at Cradle Mountain

Edward went on a chair lift ride at Cataract Gorge in the middle of Launceston and took a photo of his knees to prove he was there.  He had a great time visiting this area, gave the lady who sold him a ticket for the chairlift a bit of cheek and gave her one of his mini-notebooks as a gift.

Below you can see some photos of the Cataract Gorge’s gatekeeper’s house on the left.

Then the middle two photos are of the Pennyroyal Hotel (just one of the places he stayed). He loved this old building, especially the old stone work.  He likes to look at the stone and think about how it was built and the skills of the people who built it. The stones reminded Edward of the tessellated beach.

On the far right, is a photo of a church door. He enjoys looking at the way these structures have been  built and the craftsmanship involved.

Edward visited a few beaches too.


Edward sitting on a rock on a beach on Binalong Bay near St Helens.

He checked out the beaches near St Helens.

On his holiday he had a few meals out and this is one of them.  We think he was served one of the biggest breakfasts a person could eat in Tassie.  Edward tired to get through this monster breakky but it beat him, or so he says …


A monster brekky in Tassie

Edward took time to check out museums and other things. He took a photo of leather handbags because he’s an avid leatherworker and makes his own leatherwork bags and wallets. But his real passion is making handmade leather bound copies of Uriel’s Gift.

Edward saw japanese macaque monkeys in the park at Launceston.

And when he went to the museum he also saw stuffed Quolls, a Tasmanian Devil and a Tasmanian Tiger.

No holiday is complete for Edward unless there is some appreciation of brickwork, stones, rocks or trees as you can see below.

Before he left to come home, Edward dropped into a couple of bookstores in Hobart and left them with a copy of Uriel’s Gift and a couple of his tiny Uriel’s Gift notebooks that have the website address inside.

Little Uriels Gift

Uriel’s Gift and the mini-notebook/business card with the URL inside

They were happy to take his book and we hope whomever reads Uriel’s Gift in Tasmania enjoys Edward’s story.

Then on the 16th March it was time for Edward to fly back home to Brisbane and back to the humidity. He couldn’t resist taking some photos of the clouds while in the air.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog about Edward’s Tasmanian adventure and if you’ve read Uriel’s Gift please leave him a review on:  Amazon.com, Amazon.com.au or Goodreads.

Writing a review for an author helps other people find their books and we really appreciate you taking the time to do that for Edward.

But if writing a review isn’t your thing, maybe you might like to tell your friends on Facebook or Google or Twitter or in person that you’ve read a cool book and recommend Uriel’s Gift.

We’d really appreciate that too.

Edward Spellman’s Author Page on Amazon


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Today has been quite exciting. Edward has had to come out of his hermit state of being and endure being photographed for his new author profile on Amazon Author Central.

For anyone who has yet to meet Edward, we can confide that he is an introvert so taking his photo has been a lot of fun. We finally came up with the one below which is now on his author profile. It shows the Prophecy Shield that he created after receiving a vision.  There’s a chapter on the Prophecy Shield in Uriel’s Gift if you want to read about it.

Edward Spellman, Author of Uriel's Gift, profile photo with the Prophecy Shield he made.

Edward Spellman with his Prophecy Shield. 02/03/2017

Learning the ropes of authorship is sometimes daunting but Edward is handling it with his usual good humour and positive attitude.

We’ve created his profile on Amazon Author Central and now it shows up with his books on amazon.com (from the American site only).  Having an author page on Amazon is great because it has a bio, some photos of Edward, a list of his published books (ebook and paperback) and we can add event notices and videos in the future.

It’s also a great way for people to find him, follow him and connect with him.  We’ve even managed to add the RSS feed from this blog to the site. So when we update here, it will be visible there for his readers to check out.

People can also learn a little more about Edward, including the fact that he’s seen visions since he was a young man. For many years he kept his visions to himself as he went through life but after his car accident and the profound experience he had with Spirit, he has embraced this part of himself.

Uriel’s Gift is a spiritual memoir but we think it has an underlying theme of self-acceptance in the arc of Edward’s life experiences.  Not only does the book record Edward’s experiences with spiritual forces, but his visions, his relationship with Jesus, clairvoyant moments that guided him through difficult times in his life and the wisdom of coming to a point of love and accept of who he is now.

As people have bought and read Uriel’s Gift, they have come back with positive comments and reviews. There are three on his ebook on amazon.com.au.

This feedback has meant the world to Edward and he almost glows when he knows that his book has touched his reader’s life in a positive and spiritually profound way.

So, if you’re interested, you can check out Edward Spellman’s Author Central Profile and follow him, or purchase his book, Uriel’s Gift or leave him a review.

All reviews are deeply appreciated.

We’ll leave you with another photo of Edward from today’s shoot. We think it’s a great photo and we hope you do too!

Edward Spellman 2017

Edward Spellman standing in front of his Prophecy Shield.

Uriel’s Gift available in Paperback


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We’re excited the share that Edward’s book, Uriel’s Gift is now available in paperback!


Edward’s had quite a few orders and most of the books in this photo above have already been sold which is so wonderful.

It’s very exciting and a little nerve wrecking for Edward as this is his intimate journey of his spiritual awakening.  We believe that Edward is not the only person who has had profound psychic experiences and we know that not everyone feels … safe to share their stories for fear of ridicule.

It is Edward’s hope that his book will inspire those who have had similar experiences to feel that they have found a place of acceptance among friends.

At the bottom of the photo you can see a tiny version of the book. Edward’s very artistic and creative. He’s a bit of marvel with making things, so instead of creating a bookmark or a business card, he’s put together a mini-verion of Uriel’s Gift with the web address inside and the page with the drawing: Follow the Earthen Cascade as the opening.

When people have seen the mini versions of Uriel’s Gift they’ve loved them because they double as a notebook as well as a business card for his book. They’re super cute and great for jotting little thoughts in too.

In the future, if people are interested in buying signed copies of Uriel’s Gift from Edward, we’re sure he’ll send a mini notebook version as a thank you gift too.

So, it’s very exciting times for Edward and we’re looking forward to seeing this unique spiritual book getting out to the people who will benefit from reading about psychic visions, archangels, Jesus and prophecy.

If you’ve read Uriel’s Gift, it would be appreciated if you would give him a positive review on Amazon (on any platform). Reviewing books online helps support authors and it helps other people find books with ease.

At present, you can purchase a paperback copy through amazon.com – Uriel’s Gift.  And it is also available (english paperback version) from amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, and amazon.es.

Thanks for reading this post and if you have had a psychic encounter or a spiritual vision or been touched by an angel, know that you are not alone. We know it takes courage to open up and share such experiences.


Failure is not Failure, it’s an Opportunity


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failure-is-not-failureLife is filled with opportunities to attempt to fulfil dreams and attain goals. Sometimes we fail and we wonder if we’ll ever reach the outcome we desire.

Today, we’re sharing a quote from Chapter 28 of Uriel’s Gift on the wisdom Edward received from Archangel Mickhael on failure.

We hope this helps you too.

Thanks for reading Uriel’s Gift.