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What does a self-published author do after spending 20 years writing a non-fiction book about life after dying and coming back?

Take a well deserved holiday!

Edward chose to take a two week adventure in Tasmania, Australia.


Edward at Battery Point, Hobart

He packed his carry on bag, a couple of copies of Uriel’s Gift, about 20 Uriel’s Gift notebook/business cards with the website inside and a notebook so he could jot down any spiritual visions or experiences while in Tasmania. Then he boarded the plane on the 2nd of March 2017 and flew to Hobart.


When he landed in Hobart and disembarked the first thing he noticed was the lack of humidity. It was cooler and drier than Queensland which felt amazing.

Living in Brisbane is great but when the humidity cranks up, it’s like you have to have a shower the minute you get out of the shower because you’re wet after getting dressed. Clothes stick to you and it’s hard to dry off unless you have air-con. Some people love it, some people don’t mind it, and others hate it.

Humidity has been pretty high in Brisbane lately and so, Edward thoroughly enjoyed a break from the moisture in the air during his two weeks in Tasmania.

Here’s a snapshot of his two weeks and what he thought of each area as he travelled around.


Salamanca Market, Hobart

Edward flew into Hobart and checked out the city before heading off to Port Arthur.  Below are some photos of his time there.

Edward likes old buildings, particularly the stone work and brick work, probably because he used to be a bricklayer, but now he moonlights as a personal carer for the elderly. But he’s never lost his love of old buildings.

Then he drove through the country side and visited many different areas. He loved the clean fresh air and the colour of the sky. You can see how beautiful it was in the photos below. Oh and there’s a photo of a wall of tools from a sawmill he visited in Strahan.  Old tools inspire Edward, so he snapped up a photo.

And then he went to Cradle Mountain and had a look around. We made sure he took some selfies otherwise Edward would have only taken photos of the environment and brick walls since he loves brickwork, rocks and nature. But it’s always more interesting if you can see his smiling face from time to time.

Here he is at Cradle Mountain, sporting a tourist hat and doing his best selfie for us. Good on you Edward.


Edward at Cradle Mountain

Edward went on a chair lift ride at Cataract Gorge in the middle of Launceston and took a photo of his knees to prove he was there.  He had a great time visiting this area, gave the lady who sold him a ticket for the chairlift a bit of cheek and gave her one of his mini-notebooks as a gift.

Below you can see some photos of the Cataract Gorge’s gatekeeper’s house on the left.

Then the middle two photos are of the Pennyroyal Hotel (just one of the places he stayed). He loved this old building, especially the old stone work.  He likes to look at the stone and think about how it was built and the skills of the people who built it. The stones reminded Edward of the tessellated beach.

On the far right, is a photo of a church door. He enjoys looking at the way these structures have been  built and the craftsmanship involved.

Edward visited a few beaches too.


Edward sitting on a rock on a beach on Binalong Bay near St Helens.

He checked out the beaches near St Helens.

On his holiday he had a few meals out and this is one of them.  We think he was served one of the biggest breakfasts a person could eat in Tassie.  Edward tired to get through this monster breakky but it beat him, or so he says …


A monster brekky in Tassie

Edward took time to check out museums and other things. He took a photo of leather handbags because he’s an avid leatherworker and makes his own leatherwork bags and wallets. But his real passion is making handmade leather bound copies of Uriel’s Gift.

Edward saw japanese macaque monkeys in the park at Launceston.

And when he went to the museum he also saw stuffed Quolls, a Tasmanian Devil and a Tasmanian Tiger.

No holiday is complete for Edward unless there is some appreciation of brickwork, stones, rocks or trees as you can see below.

Before he left to come home, Edward dropped into a couple of bookstores in Hobart and left them with a copy of Uriel’s Gift and a couple of his tiny Uriel’s Gift notebooks that have the website address inside.

Little Uriels Gift

Uriel’s Gift and the mini-notebook/business card with the URL inside

They were happy to take his book and we hope whomever reads Uriel’s Gift in Tasmania enjoys Edward’s story.

Then on the 16th March it was time for Edward to fly back home to Brisbane and back to the humidity. He couldn’t resist taking some photos of the clouds while in the air.


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